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Meet the Artist

My three year old daughter once threw a temper tantrum in a grocery store. She was carrying a large pack of toilet paper at the time, at her own insistence, but decided she'd had enough...after some screaming and crying, she tossed the toilet paper on the floor and dramatically flung herself on top of it and proceeded to lie there motionlessly. After taking a deep breath I was able to laugh about it; and then realized she happened to place herself in decent lighting with beautiful leading lines. So of course I documented that moment with my phone. Long story short - when it comes to writing my "about me" section I'm currently at the stage equivalent to throwing a pack of TP onto a floor and flinging myself on top of it like she did. It's intimidating to write about myself! But just like that photo is now one of my family favorites, I'm sure with a few glasses of wine this section will soon become its own good outcome. Bear with me until then....xoxo 

photo credit: Allison McCafferty Photography